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It is the lowest moment in any international sporting event when people start stereotyping countries and cracking jokes in poor taste.

Yet it always happens, and this time around it was a Dutch UNICEF ambassador Nicolette van Dam who tweeted a joke about Colombia this Wednesday afternoon.

Nicolette Van Dam tweet

The image features Colombian players Falcao Garcia and James Rodriguez on their knees, snorting the new spray that referees have been using to draw lines for free kicks like a line of cocaine. Accompanying text translates to “Colombian Wall” underneath it. The tweet was immediately met with outrage from Colombians.

Van Dam’s original tweet has since been deleted.

“Colombians deserve more respect, that little joke cannot stand as it is,” Twitter user Juliana Londoño wrote. “It’s a shame!”

Others chimed in, expressing their outrage:

It’s unclear at the moment what is going to happen to Van Dam’s UNICEF ambassadorship, but we do know that the organization is looking into it. A tweet sent by UNICEF Colombia says that they are “trying to verify the authorship of the unfortunate tweet from @NicoletteVanDam as soon as possible.”




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